Manufacturing and Supply Chains

Manufacturing and Supply Chain:

Sept 14, 2017: The New American Economy: Public Banking Is Better For Local Communities 

This week on The New American Economy with Dr Patty Demarco we have Mike Krauss, a chair of the PA Public Banking Project, on the program to go over why public banks are much better banks than the banks that we are familiar with. Not only are costs lower in public banks, but they also contribute to the local economy because the only shareholders are the people in the community.

Aug 30, 2017: Does Automation Really Kill Jobs?

Does automation really kill jobs? Dr. Patricia DeMarco discusses manufacturing, robots, and the future of work.

Aug 16, 2017: What Do We Do With Old Tech?

This week on The New American Economy with Dr Patty DeMarco we have Ned Eldridge of eLooo LLC on the program to tell us about the complications with recycling technology and how their company deals with them. Some of the most complicated parts of recycling is that there is not always funding to make it easy. There are also many complications with data security and making sure that when things like computers and hard drives get recycled.

Aug 9, 2017: Ingredients In Your Office Building

When you buy food, you check the ingredients list to make sure everything inside is up to your standards. What if we could do the same with construction materials? We could dramatically decrease people’s exposure to dangerous chemicals just by knowing what’s in the products around us. Dr. Patricia DeMarco invites James Connelly to discuss his work with the International Living Future Institute. He asserts that environmentalists should work with business leaders to come up with business-minded, environmentally sustainable solutions to the challenges we face.

May 17, 2017: Labor for Sustainability- Making It In America

This week on The New American Economy, Dr. Patricia DeMarco invites Jeremy Brecher of the Labor Network for Sustainability to discuss shifting jobs from the fossil fuel industry to the sustainable energy industry. Jeremy also discusses how labor unions have a very important role to play in this transition.