July 26, 2017: Public Transit Edition

Laura Wiens, the executive director of Pittsburghers for Public Transit, talks about what’s going wrong, what’s going right, and why public transit is a key component in our modern society. We discuss how gentrification affects (and is affected by) public transit, the Uber effect, self driving cars, and where we should go from here. Laura was formerly a member of The Union Edge team, and we’re exited to have her back for this interview.

May 24, 2017: Electric Vehicle Technology

Did you know that the internal combustion engine is a Victorian era technology that’s only 20% efficient? This week we talk about electric transportation. How does it work? Is it really cleaner, if the electricity came from burning coal?

Dr. Patricia DeMarco hosts a discussion with Lou Hancherick, VP of Marcellus Outreach Butler and the coordinator of their Go Green Festival, as well as the publisher and editor of Harmony magazine.